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Effortless analytics

Getting answers faster is what Dentally is designed to do – no more lengthy downloading and number crunching.

Why Dentally Report Smarter See Everything New

See everything

Goodbye overwhelming analytics – Dentally reporting is fast, easy to understand and covers all aspects of your dental practice. Gather valuable insights into your practice accounts with real-time data for invoices, patient accounts and NHS UDAs.

Optimise your time

Reporting in Dentally is visually pleasing. This means accurate practice statistics that are easy to digest and Dentally gives you your data instantly. Accurate practitioner activity, chair usage, patient treatments, reports and recalls are accessible in a flash, saving you valuable time in-practice.

Why Dentally Optimise Your Time
Report Smarter Optimise Your Time Chair Utilisation
Why Dentally Take Action From Anywhere

Take action, from anywhere

Dentally reporting is not just a pretty picture. You can take action immediately, making reporting an end-to-end process. Issue recall reminders, export contact details directly into a mailing list or even export it as a spreadsheet so you can take it into Excel or Google Sheets for greater exploration.

Data that delivers

Use Dentally reporting for a digestible overview that lets you drill down into the data, helping you make informed decisions to move your practice forward.

Report Smarter Forecast Report Amended

Export data straight to MailChimp, Google Sheets or Excel for immediate action.

Easy insights

Even difficult-to-obtain metrics are easily displayed, with filter options, so you can make informed decisions about your practice.

Intuitive and interactive

Graphic visualisations make understanding and exploring your data easy.

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Manage your finances

Get insights into your business practice performance using real-time data for invoices, patient accounts and NHS UDAs.

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Understand your patients

Get an overview of your patient demographic, see new patients and those who haven’t been in a while.

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Explore appointments

Your practice is more efficient when you can explore chair utilisation. See an overview of your appointments to help ensure that you are optimising time in-practice.

Lg Icon Treatments@2X

Quickly see all patients with unfinished treatments, unbooked appointments and practitioner activity. Dentally can prompt you on the best time to contact these patients.

There is more to Dentally

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Clinical excellence

Dentally streamlines your clinical practice, letting you provide the best care possible.

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Patient management

Your portable, dynamic diary. Manage your appointments effectively and remotely.

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Take Dentally further

Dentally integrates with popular tools and the NHS for flexible use.

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